Class Levels - where should I go? 

Gently paced  Upstairs in Corner on the Square 10am -12.15 daily.

Spend the week with the Highland fiddler, Ruairidh Gollan -a great friend of the band and brilliant teacher. As a gently paced fiddler, you’ll work on some nice tunes and get the chance to get them sounding good whilst playing at a gentle pace, taking time to work on being more comfortable with a few new tunes.

Intermediate 1 - Intermediate 2 - Intermediate 3
Upstairs in Phipps - Downstairs in Phipps - Garden room, Lovat Hotel 10am-12.30 daily

Intermediate classes tend to be the most popular and this ability group covers most learning and playing speeds.
Approach these three classes as grades of intermediate, with Int 3 working at a teaching and technical pace most suited to faster improving players.

Dining Room, Lovat Hotel 10am-12.30 daily

This class will move at a faster pace, covering more detail, more tunes, perhaps more complex keys and technique.

Super Advanced Public Bar, Lovat Hotel 10am-12.30 daily

This is a relatively new class at Blazin’ in Beauly. It has developed into a class where we can get stuck into difficult repertoire looking at technique, bowing, discussion on style and particular regional nuances brought by each teacher.

Guitar Morison’s 10am-12.30 daily

This class is for advanced players using standard tuning. Participants should already have an understanding and grasp of basic chords and accompaniment. Anna will teach a mixture of melody flat-picking and chord accompaniment.

Piano Upstairs in Phipps 10am-12.30 daily

For piano players. Bring your own keyboard and headphones. Angus will take you through some great tunes and study some lovely chordal arrangements, discussing all things piano.

*you'll need your own keyboard 

What if I pick the wrong level? 

Our top priority is that you enjoy yourself, so if you feel you're not getting the most out of the level you've chosen, please let one of us know and we will do our best to swap your classes. 


All sheet music will be made available in the 'Tune Archive' section of the website. The Password will be issued during the week.